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*Courses do NOT include examiner fee

Private Pilot Airplane Course

Our private pilot course is a 6 week course with a checkride at the end of week 6.


Instrument Rating Course

Designed for the student who is looking to move on towards a career in aviation.


Initial Commercial Pilot Course 20 hours

Our initial commercial pilot ASEL course is conducted in a Cessna 172 and Navion for those lacking commercial requirements per FAR 61.129.

Initial Commercial Pilot Course 8 Hours

Our course is designed for those that have ALL commercial requirements met.

Private or Commercial Multi Engine Rating with Instrument

A 4 day course with a checkride on day 5 in a Beechcraft Travel Air (BE-95) with a WAAS certifiedG430

Seaplane Course

Earn your airplane single engine sea training in 2-3 days on the beautiful colorado river in Laughlin NV in a C-150.