Initial Private

Learn & Fly With The Best


Our Initial Private Pilot (ASEL) course is 23 to 30 days long and will cover ground and flight training of 40 hours preparing you to successfully pass your oral and flight portion of the check ride. You must however come to class with your Knowledge exam completed so we can review your areas of the test you missed, enhancing your ability to pass the Oral portion successfully. Your training will be in a Cessna 172 the most popular training aircraft in the world and will receive ground and flight training daily during your course.

Course credit cost $12,725.00 and cash price $12,295.00

Course length : 23-30 days

Down payment is 10%: $1272.50

10% down payment deposit required for booking the course. Remaining balance to be paid in full on the first day of class via a credit card payment or cash cashier’s check to obtain a discount.