Instrument Rating Course

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Our instrument rating course is designed for the student who is looking to move on towards a career in aviation and to get more use out of their private pilot certificate. Training will be conducted in a Cessna 172 with a Garmin 430-WAAS capable to fulfill all FAA requirements. The course provides you with 40 hours of flight time, with 20 hours of those being conducted in the simulator. In order to complete your instrument course in the timely manner we ask that you have your 50 hours of cross country PIC requirement met prior to coming. If this is something you need help doing, please call and we can tailor a course that makes this possible for you.

Week 1-2: Up to 15 hours of training in the simulator
Week 3-5: Training in the airplane practicing all instrument flying procedures
Week 6: Finishing up remaining simulator time in preparation for checkride

*Ground to be conducted daily throughout the entirety of your course