Initial Commercial Pilot (ASEL) 20hrs

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Our Initial Commercial Pilot (ASEL) 8 – 10 day course is for the student seeking to obtain Commercial pilot privileges by attending our class and obtaining 8 hours in a C-172, 2 hour check ride typically occurring the following day. This “long” class was created for candidates who have already logged but not quite satisfied FAR section 61.129 and needs more than a refresher. Having not satisfied for example the 10 hours of complex aircraft training as per 61.129.

Course credit cost $7,240.00 and cash price $6,995.00

Course length : 8 days

Down payment is 10%: $724.00

10% down payment deposit required for booking the course. Remaining balance to be paid in full on the first day of class via a credit card payment or cash cashier’s check to obtain a discount.