Initial Commercial Pilot (AMEL) 8hrs

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Our Initial Commercial Pilot (AMEL) 4 to 5 day course is for the student seeking to obtain Commercial pilot privileges by attending our class and obtaining 6 hours in a BE-95 Travel Air and about a 2 hour check ride. Extensive ground training conducted daily and flying concurrently, check ride typically occurring the following day (5th day). This “short” class was created for candidates who have already logged and satisfied FAR section 61.129 and basically just needs a refresher. Having satisfied or close to attaining the 10 hours of complex multi-engine airplane training as per 61.129 (b-3-ii).

Course credit cost $6,205.00 and cash price $5,995.00

Course length : 4 days

Down payment is 10%: $620.50

10% down payment deposit required for booking the course. Remaining balance to be paid in full on the first day of class via a credit card payment or cash cashier’s check to obtain a discount.