Initial Instrument Rating (ASEL)

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Our Instrument rating course (ASEL) is designed for the student who wants to move on towards a career in Aviation as a Commercial Pilot or get more use of his Private license, perhaps considering to buy an airplane and obtain more usefulness from his purchase. Training to be conducted over 21-30 days using a C-172 with a Garmin 430 GPS-Waas capable to fulfill all requirements of FAR 61.65 (d). We encourage the prospective candidate to have taken and passed his written-knowledge test before arriving to start training with us.

Course credit cost $12,935.00 and cash price $12,495.00

Course length : 14 days

Down payment is 10%: $1293.50

10% down payment deposit required for booking the course. Remaining balance to be paid in full on the first day of class via a credit card payment or cash cashier’s check to obtain a discount.